Enel Green Power sets up central control room for Chile renewable energy plants

Enel Green Power sets up central control room for Chile renewable energy plants Control room by Enel Green Power in Santiago/ Chile (source: Enel)
Alexander Richter 17 Sep 2018

Enel Green Power has set up a central control room for its hydropower, solar, wind and geothermal power plants in Chile in Santiago. With that the company is able to centrally control a combined 4,700 GW in power generation capacity.

Announced last week, Chilean subsidiary of Italian power company Enel Green Power, Enel Chile inaugurated its Renewable Energy Control Room in the company’s headquarters in Santiago offices, where it will monitor and manage its renewable plants in the South American country.

Able to manage all 4.7 GW of renewable power installed in Chile, the new Control Room in Santiago is the country’s largest in the energy sector and also the only one able to control all four renewable energy sources: hydropower, solar, wind and geothermal.

“We inaugurated the largest Enel control room worldwide, a record that confirms Chile’s strategic role in renewables generation and innovation. From this Control Room, we will monitor the mix of technologies present in the country, optimising, within the nationwide generation mix, energy flows between grid demand and available supply from renewable sources, with benefits for the energy industry and for customers.” – Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power

The new control room in Santiago was built in record time, in the four months following the merger between Enel Chile and Enel Green Power’s Chilean subsidiary, and guarantees maximum efficiency in energy provision to the national electric system.

Furthermore, thanks to the most recent technologies in the field of automation, communications systems and data visualisation systems, the room is able to guarantee and support renewable energy production throughout Chile at all times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“It was a great challenge to complete the construction of a control room of this scale, but the most important task begins today: controlling, from here, the 36 renewable energy plants in our portfolio, with the goal of optimising operations in real time and adding value to the company.” – Valter Moro, General Director of Enel Generation for Enel Green Power Chile

With 4.7 GW of renewable power installed, Enel Chile is the leading operator in “green” energy in the South American country. EGP’s renewable energy mix includes 3,557 MW from hydropower, 642 MW from wind energy, 492 MW from solar and 48 MW from geothermal.

Source: Enel Green Power