News on the impact of clean energy innovation in the U.S.

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Alexander Richter 5 Oct 2011 highlights the potential impact of clean technology on the energy system and the economy in the United States, with a report and an interactive website.

Google has over the years supported green energy through investments and grants, e.g. for wind, solar and electric car technologies, but also on geothermal. Among others the company has put money into EGS technology development both at AltaRock Energy and Potter Drilling, but also through support for geothermal mapping.

The latest effort of Google though “comes in the form of a report (pdf) and an interactive website released in September to show that enough clean tech innovations can add 1.1 million jobs and $158 billion to the country’s gross domestic product per hear while cutting energy costs by $942 per household annually all by 2030.

If innovations are paired with stronger energy policies, the country will add $244 billion to the GDP and nearly 2 million jobs while saving home energy costs by $995 per household, Google says. The GDP growth wouldn’t be much different without better policies.

Google uses a calculation tool from McKinsey and co. – along with a wide range of government data and its own assumptions – to show the results of technology breakthroughs and more aggressive policies versus the status quo. Status quo takes into consideration current state and federal renewable energy policies and existing forecasts for energy costs by the federal government and by Google’s own calculations. The search giant uses all these variables to figure out clean tech’s impact on clean power generation, electric car market, energy storage and natural gas development.”

Looking at the report, Google estimates that Geothermal still will be a cheaper cost options than Nuclear, CCS, Offshore Wind and Solar CSP, but at par with Onshore Wind and more than Solar PV (Utility) on a levelized cost of electricity basis by 2050.

Definitely some interesting reading., “The Impact of Clean Energy Innovation – Examining the Impact of Clean Energy Innovation on the United States Energy System and Economy” (pdf), Clean Energy Innovation, Interactive Website

Source: Be Green Blog