Green Chemicals one of the key sponsors of IGC Turkey Geothermal Congress – 6-8 Nov. ’19

GREEN Chemical joining the 4th IGC Turkey Geothermal Congress 2019
Alexander Richter 7 Oct 2019

JeotermalHaberler and is proud to announce that GREEN Chemicals has joined the 4th IGC Turkey Geothermal Congress & Expo in Izmir/ Turkey 6-8 November 2019 as MW sponsor.

Turkish GREEN Chemicals joins the 4th IGC Turkey Geothermal Congress & Expo in Izmir/ Turkey 6-8 November 2019.  Held for the 4th time, the event by will again bring together the Turkish geothermal sector and its international counterparts in Izmir/ Turkey, the heart of Turkey’s geothermal energy market. An full program and expo will provide great opportunities for networking and learn more about current opportunities, challenges and solutions to development of geothermal resources in Turkey.

Green Chemical is a multi-partnered company fully established with national capital in 1995; and it is the largest local company in its field. Operating in national and international areas, GREEN Chemicals is a leader company always displaying continuous growth and high performance. The company provides service for water treatment, metal treatment, waste water treatment, geothermal, mining, oil & gas technologies, industrial systems, automation and adhesive areas.

The company has a strong R&D unit supported by the universities and the international firms represented by the company as well as its local and foreign engineers trained at doctorate level, and was selected as Turkey’s 411th R&D Center. GREEN Chemicals is the 21st R&D center operating in the chemical industry, in particular.

The company keeps a close watch on technology and the use of the newest technology in its process:

  • To decrease input cost of national and international industrial companies prioritising, increasing the quality at the same time
  • To protect process life
  • To maximize process efficiency, minimizing operating cost at the same time,

and accordingly, serving to the customers with our technological and environmentally-friendly products.

The company’s expert teams closely follow up new researches and developments. Within this direction, our special world class quality products that are designed by our expert teams are introduced to the industry through reliable and economic services by means of our entrepreneur engineers whose first priority is customer satisfaction; therefore any intervention can be performed on the processes without any problem.

GREEN Chemicals has adopted as a principle to provide the best services to the industry in the most economic manner by means of both its own expert team as well as national and international dealer chain composed of 300 people. All our products are factory produced and have ISO 9001 & 14001 certificates.