Hopes that a sale could save geothermal heating network in Reno, Nevada

View over Reno with the Peppermill Resort & Casino in the background (source: flickr/ RobertCiavarro, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 9 Mar 2017

At a recent meeting with its customer, the small geothermal heating utility Nevada Geothermal in Reno, Nevada has said a sale of the company could possibly save the plant and heating network.

Last month we reported on a small-scale geothermal district heating network in Reno, Nevada that is to be shut down. The small utility Nevada Geothermal (not the former geothermal power developer of the same name) is simply not in the position to cover necessary costs for a repair of equipment and pipes.

In an information meeting this week, a possible sale of the utility was discussed and one company was mentioned being interested in looking into acquiring it. The company is geothermal power operator and developer Cyrq Energy, as reported today by MyNews in Nevada.

With 104 households deriving heat from the geothermal system, it is by far not a large geothermal heating network but the largest in the state of Nevada. With the geothermal resources around Reno, there should be plenty of opportunities to utilise geothermal energy not only for power generation but also for heating. So it would be sad seeing this system disappear and we hope a way can be found to keep it alive and maybe even increase it.

Source: MyNews