ICE advances integration of Pailas II geothermal plant to national grid

Cooling towers of Las Pailas I geothermal plant, Costa Rica (source: Grupo ICE)
Alexander Richter 20 Mar 2019

With dry weather effecting output of its hydro power plants, Grupo ICE in Costa Rica pushes development of 55 MW Pailas II geothermal plant with a one-month earlier integration into the national grid in May 2019.

ICE_PailasII_plant_March2019Due to the dry conditions that go through the country Grupo ICE, the Costa Rica electricity utility, has announced that it will speed up the integration of 55 MW Pailas II geothermal power plant to the  national electric system

Incorporation of the plant is now planned to happen in May 2019 and not as planned in June this year as scheduled.

Pailas II, will become the first Costa Rican geothermal plant with 100 % of its Perforated Wells with directional technique (not vertical), its machine house will isolate the sound through a panel system and operate in the middle of a forest.

The first plant on the field, the Pailas I geothermal plant started operation in 2011.


Source: Grupo ICE