IRENA partners with ThinkGeoEnergy on global geothermal power plant map

Screenshot of Geothermal Plant Map within IRENA's Global Atlas
Alexander Richter 8 Apr 2014

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) partners with ThinkGeoEnergy on the data and location of geothermal power plants worldwide of ThinkGeoEnergy's Global Geothermal Power Plant Map to be included in IRENA's Global Atlas.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has been working on a Global Atlas for renewable energy data.

The Global Atlas is an online Geographic Information System (GIS) linked to a number of data centers located around the world. As of 2014, more than 1, 000 datasets are referenced by the catalog of the Global Atlas. All the information in the Catalog can be accessed directly from the Global Atlas GIS interface.

The Global Atlas is in the process of integrating geothermal and bioenergy related datasets supplied by the countries participating to the initiative, and partner organizations.

As part of its efforts to include geothermal data, IRENA reached out to ThinkGeoEnergy and we have decided to share our data of our Global Geothermal Power Plant Map.

ThinkGeoEnergy will continue to work with IRENA but also maintain and add different functionality and data to its own map.
The Global Geothermal Plants database is an effort conducted by ThinkGeoEnergy ( to provide an inventory of the existing geothermal plants all over the world.

For each geothermal plant the dataset on the Global Atlas provides the plant name, the field name, the country and region where it is located, the name plate (installed) capacity, the operator and other relevant information.

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Source: IRENA