Kurita Europe collaborates with parent company in Japan to improve and enrich geothermal solutions

Kurita Europe collaborates with parent company in Japan to improve and enrich geothermal solutions Kurita Innovation Hub (KIH) located in Akishima City, Tokyo
Carlo Cariaga 23 Jan 2023

The Kurita Group transfers the core values of the Japanese parent company Kurita Water Industries to subsidiaries spread across all the continents of the world.

Kurita’s success story began in the middle of the last century: Haruo Kurita founded Kurita Water Industries Ltd. in Japan in 1949. The activities started with chemical products for the treatment and optimization of boiler water, extended its range, and offered systems for water treatment shortly afterward. The next expansion came in the 1960s with chemical solutions for process optimization in paper production, the petrochemical industry, and steel production.

The Kurita Group comprises more than 52 international branches and subsidiaries – one of which is Kurita Europe GmbH. The company was founded in Germany in 1989 and is primvarily active in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). Kurita Europe has its own production sites, R&D Centers, and pilot test plants for several industry-process applications.


Kurita Water Industries established a new research and development base, “Kurita Innovation Hub (KIH), in Akishima City, Tokyo, on April 1, 2022.

KIH is a hub for creating innovations that solve social and industrial challenges by connecting with customers, research institutions, and other global stakeholders to integrate diverse knowledge. Kurita aims to accelerate the creation of innovation through interaction and collaboration with customers, research institutions, and other partners.

The facility has state-of-the-art laboratory and analytical equipment for research concerning sustainable water management. A cutting-edge ultrapure water production system can supply large quantities of ultrapure water and verification equipment, such as clean rooms, that meet the highest cleanliness standards.

Moreover, KIH aims to be an eco-friendly base with reduced environmental impact and CO2 emissions. The green design includes a system for recycling water, which contributes to reducing energy and CO2 emissions by integrating the water treatment and air conditioning cooling systems throughout the facility and using 100% renewable energy for the power supply.

Kurita’s vision is to be “A creator of unique value to the solution of water and environment, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society”. The Kurita Group places KIH at the core of its global research and development structure. It seeks to create shared value (CSV) with society by delivering solutions to social, environmental, and industrial challenges through innovation and co-creation.

Learn more about Kurita’s CSV concept.


The cooperation between Kurita Europe and Kurita Water Industries provides a global approach to geothermal projects.

Kurita Geothermal Technology assists in renewable and sustainable energy production from a green source hidden in the depths of Earth. From the production well until the re-injection in the reservoir, Kurita provides customized solutions to achieve the most effective operational conditions.

The ongoing geothermal projects of Kurita are distributed worldwide, and each field’s characteristics and requirements have diversified. Kurita Group is working closely with Kurita Water Industries to follow up on innovative technologies and to transfer the know-how between continents. As it follows Kurita Group’s company vision, the main target of Kurita Geothermal Technology is to add value to this unique application supporting the green energy transition for environmentally friendly energy generation.

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