EUROCORR 2022 – Kurita featured with several lectures on solutions for geothermal

EUROCORR 2022 – Kurita featured with several lectures on solutions for geothermal Kurita: Master the Challenges of Heat Beneath Our Feet (source: YouTube screenshot, Kurita Global channel)
Carlo Cariaga 23 Aug 2022

Kurita will be giving presentations on corrosion protection and scale inhibition in geothermal facilities in the upcoming EUROCORR 2022 from Aug 28 to Sept 1, 2022.

The EUROCORR 2022 annual conference will be held on 28 August – 1 September in Berlin, Germany with a focus on “Corrosion in a Changing World – Energy, Mobility, Digitalization”. Kurita as a global team presents the solutions for corrosion and scaling inhibition on the results of lab and field studies.

The European Corrosion Congress (EUROCORR) is the flagship event of the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) and is recognized as the corrosion congress with the highest academic level and industrial presence through scientific talks, poster presentations, and wide exhibition. It deals with a variety of subjects, including corrosion and scale inhibition; two of the most persistent, timeless problems of water treatment in the industry. The program and schedule for EUROCORR 22 can be viewed here.

Kurita’s presence in EUROCORR is note-worthy for more than a decade. In 2022 Kurita is participating in EUROCORR with four scientific presentations; contributions to corrosion and scale inhibition in geothermal fields.

Kurita’s studies on corrosion inhibition in geothermal will be presented within two different presentations.

Corrosion occurs due to a variety of dissolved chemical compounds included in a geothermal fluid, combined with high-temperature and high-pressure conditions that could accelerate the overall damage. Carbon steel is widely used in industry due to its compatibility with other metals and its affordable cost.

The first presentation of Kurita on corrosion inhibition is dedicated to corrosion control of carbon steel in geothermal systems. A variety of experimental conditions is covered, and the effective methods present with modern, effective approaches to tackle this issue. In the second contribution of Kurita, sustainable corrosion inhibitor applications were introduced from field applications. The remarkable performance of Kurita’s customized technology, having a triple effect on corrosion, scale, and biofouling will be highlighted. The selected results will include laboratory tests performed with selected inhibitors and the performance in the field as a sustainable component of the application itself.

Scaling is one of the most challenging issues for geothermal systems. Kurita has innovative solutions to avoid and mitigate organic and inorganic precipitation.

One of other scientific presentations from Kurita covers the full story of one of the most usually occurring scales in such systems: iron silicate; a persistent deposit whose structure, as it is formed in geothermal brines, differs completely from its geological counterparts.

Taking the lab experience and knowledge one step further, the lecture of “Innovative Solutions for Scaling in Geothermal Process” explores the impressive world of geothermal scaling in real-life plants around the globe. Since the scale formation mechanism depends on the mineral forming characteristics, there are distinctive methods to prevent and disperse each scale type to maintain sustainable energy generation in geothermal. The promising results achieved from the pilot plant trial correlated with several in-situ field trial results to sustain and validate an entirely new approach to scaling inhibition.

Kurita aims to support geothermal utilization all over the world by using existing experiences from all types of water treatment applications. Additional to the contribution to the geothermal market, phosphorous-free and heavy-metal-free corrosion inhibition targeting cooling water applications will also be presented.

Meet with Kurita in Berlin for Eurocorr 2022 presentations, access the program and schedule here.

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