New Geothermal Sea Bath opens in the Northeast of Iceland

New Geothermal Sea Bath opens in the Northeast of Iceland Geothermal Sea Bath, Húsavík, Iceland (source: GeoSea)
Alexander Richter 29 Aug 2018

A new geothermal sea bath is about to be opened in Húsavík, Iceland - the self-proclaimed capital of whale watching in the Northeast of Iceland.

Having reported on this new geothermal bath project before, it is now reported that it opens at the end of the week.

The newest addition to the geothermal pools and baths in Iceland is located on ocean cliffs in the Northeast of Iceland, near the village of Húsavík, a hub of whale watching in the region.

As reported by Iceland Magazine, the water in the baths will be 38-39°C (100-102°F). Rather than adding chlorine or purifying the water with other chemical or mechanical methods the designers plan to simply have the flow of water in the baths rapid enough to ensure the water is always clean, freshly extracted geothermal water. The flow will be 35 liters per second (9 gallons per second). As the new water is pumped into the pools, the excess water flows over their banks, and is collected into a stream which then runs down into the beach and the ocean.

The baths will open this Friday.

Source: Iceland Magazine, Mbl