Pertamina ready to take over development of Ciremai geothermal project, Indonesia

Pertamina ready to take over development of Ciremai geothermal project, Indonesia Geothermal pipes of Pertamina, Indonesia (source: zmiyatul.blogspot)
Alexander Richter 11 Apr 2017

Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) is ready to take over development of the geothermal project at Ciremai in Kuningan Regency, which recently was returned to the government by Chevron.

In a statement today, the Managing Director of Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE), Irfan Zainuddin, said his company is ready to manage the geothermal working area of Ciremai in Kuningan Regency, which has now been returned by Chevron to the central government.

While there is no decision on the management of the area yet, PGE had prepared a series of work programs to manage the natural resources located in forest areas conservation.

“We’ve got done some early research for geothermal development at Ciremai. Nevertheless, work would have to be extended. The point is we are ready to take over the project.” he said in an interview with Detik Finance.

Existing studies indicate a geothermal power generation capacity of 55 MW that could fuel the electricity demand of about 110,000 households. “But that’s only an early indication, the resource could present a larger or smaller potential.” he said.

Planned development would ensure the protection of the conservation forest, as it would only require an area of 26 hectares at an early stage. When operating though, it would only take about 5×6 meters for the placement of the wellhead. Development of a geothermal project would require a protection of the surroundings and could be made “more green than before utilization.”

In fact, so Irfan, geothermal activities could also help develop into tourism activities such as the Kamojang crater or the Ulu-ulu area, Lampung, which is a current pilot project by Pertamina in cooperation with Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism. With its experience on social elements in development, Pertamina could solve some of the challenges faced by the government and Chevron.

Source: Detik