Plans for 10 MW geothermal plant at Klamath Falls, OR

Plans for 10 MW geothermal plant at Klamath Falls, OR 250kW Geothermal Pilot Plant at Klamath Falls, Oregon in 2009 - not directly related to story (source: flickr/ ClickMarkets, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 4 Sep 2021

Australian-listed Kalina Power is planning the development of a 10 MW Kalina Cycle geothermal power plant in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Australia listed Kalina Power Ltd. (ASX: KPO) has provided a  corporate update to shareholders highlighting its array into geothermal energy and commercialization progress on “prioritized application of its KALiNA Cycle (R)” technology.

Earlier this year, company’s Canadian subsidiary, Kalina Distributed Power Limited (“KDP”)  engaged Power Engineers to “engineer a standard set of designs for a generic 10 MW geothermal plant using the KALiNA Cycle (R). This will be completed with a preliminary cost estimate in Q3, 2021.

Once complete, the Company plans to initiate a modularized design with a class 4 cost estimate in Q4, 2021 such that KALiNA can develop its own projects and effectively bid on projects being developed by geothermal power developers.

KDP expects to participate in a competitive bidding process for a large, geothermal project in Western Canada in Q4, 2021.

KALiNA intends to marshal resources and partners in order to properly bid on this opportunity. KALiNA has reactivated project development plans for the Klamath Hills 10MW geothermal project. Corporations have been very active seeking to secure carbon credit offsets using long-term power purchase agreements. KALiNA has increased its stake in the KHG project holding company to 50.1% and recently amended one of its two adjacent land leases so that one of the landowners can proceed with an important agreement with the US Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. As part of this change, KALiNA has received a USD$200,000 payment and certain other concessions to permit development of the project in the collective interests of all parties.”

A small-scale pilot plant was planned back in 2011, details can be found here.

Kalina Power owns the worldwide patents relating to the KALiNA Cycle (R) Technology and has one of the most substantial intellectual property portfolios in the sector.

The Kalina Cycle technology was a big topic and was seen as an alternative to Organic-Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology with licenses hold by Australian Geodynamics, Icelandic Exorka, and later Wasabi Energy and Global Geothermal Ltd. Plants that were set up with Kalina Cycle technology were the Húsavik geothermal power plant (not operating anymore, latest news from around 2011) and the Unterhaching geothermal plant (also not operational anymore). To the best of our knowledge the currently only operating Kalina Cycle geothermal plant is the Bruchsal plant in Germany. Read more about the background in this article on Wikipedia. The technology is named after Dr. Alexander Kalina, who has also been working on a second generation of the Kalina Cycle called Kalex, but is not using the Kalina Cycle trademark.

Source: Company release