Wasabi Energy signs MOU on refurbishment of Husavik Kalina plant

Wasabi Energy signs MOU on refurbishment of Husavik Kalina plant city of Húsavík, North-east of Iceland
Alexander Richter 28 Apr 2010

Global Geothermal signs exclusive MOU with city of Husavik for acquisition, refurbishment, maintenance and operation of the 2 MW Kalina cycle plant in Husavik, Iceland.

Global Geothermal has signed an exclusive MOU with the city of Husavik in Iceland, to acquire, refurbish, maintain and operate the 2MW Kalina cycle plant in Husavik. The Husavik was the first and only example of a Kalina Cycle geothermal plant, prior to the commissioning of two plants by Siemens in Germany in 2009.

This is according to the release by Wasabi Energy, which holds 96% in the subsidiary of Global Geothermal Limited.

In a separate release by the Energy company of Húsavik, the city states operating issues since the plant started operations in 2000 and that there has been no electricity generation due to technical difficulties since January 2008. Global Geothermal will be driving the effort for the plant to operate again and has employed its daughter company Recurrent Engineering, to refurbish and make the plant to operate again.

The engineers of Recurrent Engineering have now 120 days to go over the plant and the technical components. This work will be covered in full by Global Geothermal, which will then take over the plant and operate it after the plant has been refurbished.

Source: Wasabi Energy release, Orkuveita Húsavíkur release (in Icelandic)