Scotland and hopes for geothermal power at Aberdeen

Aberdeen Castle Gate, Scotland/ UK (source: flickr/ Bernt Rostad, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 29 Nov 2011

There are hopes for a geothermal power potential at Aberdeen in Scotland and the granite bedrocks beneath are seen as having sufficient heat.

There are now several groups looking at developing geothermal projects in the UK, but Scotland clearly is new on the list …  or at least mine.

A recent article describes the potential for generating geothermal power at Aberdeen in Scotland. The granite bedrock is believed by scientists to have suitably high temperatures “several miles underground in the so-called ‘Energetica’ development corridoor between Aberdeen and Peterhead, and also in other locations near Inverurie and Stonehaven.

Normally the temperature four miles underground would be about 150deg C, but granite holds the heat longer. According to geologists this may be accounted for by radioactive minerals within granite giving off heat as they decay. This means that temperatures as high as 210deg C could be found at these depths – and of course the North-East has the drilling technology available locally to reach this hot rock.

A major study is now being set up, funded by Scottish Enterprise, to look into the possibility of building a test plant somewhere between Aberdeen and Peterhead. The geothermal power plant would be part of the Energetica project, which is designed to help consolidate Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire’s position as a global energy hub by creating a 30-mile corridor between Aberdeen and Peterhead which will be home to energy technology companies, housing and leisure facilities.

Energetica project director Sara Budge said: “As part of our quest to make Energetica a world-class, all-energy destination, we are exploring various avenues for generating renewable energy in the corridor which stretches north from the Bridge of Don up to Peterhead and west to Aberdeen Airport.

“Geothermal is one source we are considering. We have just issued a tender to appoint an appropriate organisation to undertake a feasibility study into the potential for geothermal heat generation within Energetica but also in other locations across Aberdeenshire.”

Source: Scots Renewables