Seequent – Virtual geoscience technology conference, Sept. 23, 2020

Seequent – Virtual geoscience technology conference, Sept. 23, 2020 Seequent Lyceum impressions of 2019 (source: Seequent)
Alexander Richter 9 Sep 2020

NZ software house Seequent is holding its annual Lyceum event this year digitally with an exciting stream on energy and in specific geothermal energy highlighting the role its software is playing in geothermal development worldwide.

Our friends at global software company Seequent, developer of the Leapfrog geothermal software, are bringing industry leaders together for a unique virtual experience – Lyceum 2020, The Power of Connection. The live stream event will explore how effective digital collaboration increases the ability to find solutions to common problems.

The idea behind Lyceum goes back to Aristotle, who gathered thinkers and leaders of the day to a place called Lyceum, where they discussed, debated, reasoned and learned from each other.

Learning new ways of thinking and connecting has never been of greater importance – in a year that has seen a surging demand for digital transformation in response to the COVID-19 crisis – forcing people to work remotely, yet still highly collaboratively.

Together, industry professionals, international and government organisations, thought leaders, partners, and academia, across the Mining, Civil, Environmental, and Energy sectors, will explore ideas about how to tackle industry issues and opportunities for a more sustainable future.

Over 50 sessions, including 62 guest speakers from leading international organisations; featuring 30+ user presented case studies and 23 thought leadership sessions.

Two keynote speakers establish the underlying theme. Microsoft Managing Director, Worldwide Energy, Uwa Airhiavbere, will present The Future of Work, exploring how digital technologies are changing the workforce and how businesses can adapt and evolve. Seequent Chief Technology Officer, James Lawton, will describe the vision for Seequent’s ever-evolving ecosystem.

Further highlights include sessions on; Advancing Collaboration in Mining, Geotechnical Digital Twins, The Future of Groundwater Management and Data, Leading Practice Tailings Management, the Next Generation of Geothermal Subsurface Innovation, and more.

Seequent Lyceum 2020 is freely open for registrants to discover more about how technology and connection are playing out for the geosciences in a continually transforming digital landscape.

For the geothermal industry the session on energy will be the predominantly interesting session with a panel discussion on “Geothermal subsurface of the future” with Jeremy O’Brian of Seequent, Joeffrey Caranto of EDC in the Philippines, Rosalind Archer of the University of Auckland, Kenneth Lee Riedel of Star Energy Geothermal and Lara Owens of Mercury.

Drestante Ydha Satya of Sarulla Operations in Indonesia will discuss “Using estimation tools to refine the Silangkitang geothermal field”, and Novi Ganefianto of Supreme Energy in Indonesia will discuss “How 3D changed Supreme Energy’s geothermal development practices”.

There are several other interesting presentation in the Energy session, but also in the sessions on civil, environmental, and mining exploration and resource management topics.

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