TICA supplies small-scale ORC unit for geothermal plant in China

TICA supplies small-scale ORC unit for geothermal plant in China Geothermal pilot plant, Shanxi Province, China (source: TICA)
Alexander Richter 22 Feb 2021

Nanjing TICA delivered a 280 kW ORC Purecycle unit to a geothermal pilot plant project in Shanxi Province, China.

Recently, a scientific research power plant in Shanxi Province of China passed its performance test. This time, the energy source was not from coal that the province is rich with, but from geothermal coupled with ORC technology. With President Xi Jinping’s recent announcement that China aims to peak its carbon emissions before 2030 and reach carbon neutrality before 2060, the completion of the plant is a breakthrough in utilization of high temperature geothermal energy and a boost to greener and more stable power generation in middle and east China.

The plant is located in the Datong basin of Shanxi province, once well known for its coal mining. In May 2020, hot mixture of brine and steam at 160? was extracted when the well drilling reached a depth of 1,624m. After extensive surveying and gaining insights from international practices, the developer, Shanxi Geological Engineering Exploration Insitute, decided on ORC technology to establish a pilot power plant, which is to serve as a valuable reference for clean energy transformation in Shanxi Province and in China.

Nanjing TICA Thermal Technology Co., Ltd (TICA) played a key role in the building of the pilot plant with its PureCycle280. After the tender process and signing contract, TICA dived into the implementation immediately, with a scope including power plant engineering, auxiliary purchasing, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, to assure the plant would start running on time. TICA team members grappled with low to -28? temperature, tight schedule and other unfavourable limits, and successfully passed performance test 16 days before deadline.

“The project is a milestone of the first high temperature geothermal power plant in East China, and it will contribute to the geothermal survey and exploitation for our country” said Professor Wang Guiling from Geothermal Department of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. Officials of Shanxi provincial government visited the site and praised TICA for its high-performance products and premium services, and pointed out the importance of the exemplar plant in leading the Shanxi comprehensive energy reforming.

Source: company release by email