TICA to supply PureCycle ORC unit to geothermal project in Niigata, Japan

TICA to supply PureCycle ORC unit to geothermal project in Niigata, Japan PureCycle 280 ORC unit of Tica Thermal (source: company)
Alexander Richter 2 Aug 2020

Following successful tests, Tica Thermal will ship a PureCycle 280 ORC power generation unit to a geothermal project in Niigata, Japan.

In a release shared with ThinkGeoEnergy, Chinese TICA Thermal reports the successful accreditation of test results of a PureCycle 280 ORC power generation unit and approval by its Japanese client. The unit was successfully tested at the company’s ORC laboratory in Nanjing, China with better than guaranteed values. The power system is set to be shipped in early August.

In the end of December of 2019, TICA Thermal received a new order for one unit of PureCycle 280 from its distributor in Japan for geothermal application, and the project is located in Niigata, Japan. This new unit marks the 7th unit of PureCycle 280 that is going to be deployed in Japan market after TICA Thermal acquired PureCycle series products from Pratt & Whitney of USA in 2015. Aside from this new unit, there were 5 units that were deployed in Beppu for geothermal application and 1 unit in Tottori for waste incineration application.

During the execution of this project, the COVID-19 situation imposed some serious impacts on the supply chain of TICA Thermal. However, through concerted efforts, TICA Thermal, together with its suppliers, minimized the effects, and conducted the pre-shipment testing only a few days later than the original schedule.

“This is another breakthrough we have made in Japan market together with our distributor there. It is a good result and a reflection of our continued focus on this market. I strongly believe there is a bright prospect for green energy development as such from geothermal in Japan, and we will continue, together with our partners there, to support the energy transition in Japan.”, commented by the Chairman of TICA Mr. Jiang.

TICA Thermal began its business of ORC supply from 2016, and in September of 2019, it acquired another ORC supplier Exergy, who boasts of the second largest fleet of installed ORC in geothermal application (more than 400 MWe), and began a new journey to offer ORC solutions for medium to large geothermal power plants (up to 50MW) with the unique and efficient ROT (radial outflow turbine) technology.

Project manager Mr. Pan commented, “With the references that we have established in Japan, the ROT technology we have newly acquired that inherently provides higher thermoelectric efficiency, and also the advantages of scale manufacturing of China, TICA Thermal will, by closely cooperating with its valuable local partners, expand its reach in Japan and elsewhere in geothermal and other application areas such as cement WHR, glass WHR, chemical WHR, biomass, waste to energy etc.”

For more information of this project or TICA thermal, please contact the Overseas Department manager of TICA Thermal Mr. Pan through