TV interview with Nick Goodman, CEO of Cyrq Energy on company’s geothermal activities

TV interview with Nick Goodman, CEO of Cyrq Energy on company’s geothermal activities Patua geothermal power plant, Nevada (source: CYRQ Energy)
Alexander Richter 24 Aug 2020

In a great interview with a local Nevada TV station, Nick Goodman, CEO of Cyrq Energy shares details on his company's activities on geothermal power generation, district heating, thermal storage and also cooling.

In a recent interview with local TV station in Reno, Nevada, Nick Goodman, the CEO of Cyrq Energy shares interesting details on his company’s geothermal activities. Cyrq Energy is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cyrq Energy is operating a geothermal power plant in the south of the State of Utah, but is working also beyond geothermal on solar and thermal storage with facilities in operation and under development in California, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, Nevada, as well as Africa (Kenya and Ethiopia).

In the interview, he shares some detail of the company’s activities in Nevada where it has acquired a geothermal district heating network in Reno, Nevada and the CTO of the company, Susan Petty actually was involved in the drilling of the geothermal well. He also shares that the company is talking with other casinos and companies in Nevada on geothermal heating going forward. With the heating the company would sell 15% under the price for natural gas.

He also describes about efforts on heat storage.  In the interview, he also touches upon a DOE grant for a demonstration project at the Fernley geothermal plant in Nevada. There the company wants to explore how to expand the plant’s output. At Fernley, the company hopes to expand allowing it to sell electricity also locally.

The interview is available via Nevada Newsmakers, click here.

Source: Nevada News Makers