UNU-GTP and El Salvador’s LaGeo to continue cooperation on geothermal training

UNU-GTP and El Salvador’s LaGeo to continue cooperation on geothermal training The groups of La Geo and UNU-GTP at the signing of the contract, May 2019 (source: UNU-GTP)
Alexander Richter 6 May 2019

Under funding by Iceland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the UNU-Geothermal Training Program in Iceland and El Salvador based geothermal company La Geo have signed a contract to continue their cooperation on geothermal training and knowledge exchange.

Last week, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the United Nations University Geothermal School in Iceland and the geothermal power company LaGeo in El Salvador on ongoing co-operation in the field of geothermal training and the development of geothermal knowledge in Latin America.

At the same time, a special two-year co-operation agreement was signed between these parties on the ongoing operation of a 5-month Spanish-language diploma in Latin America conducted by the University of El Salvador (University of El Salvador), mostly based on LaGeo teaching, as well as several Icelandic teachers from the Geothermal School.

The main sponsor of the program for the next two years is the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the UNU Geothermal Training Program. The Ministry takes over the role of the Nordic Development Fund (NDF), which was the main sponsor of the program for the past three years. At the same time, an agreement was signed between the Ministry and the Geothermal School on this financial support.

A 4-person group came from LaGeo because of this event. The President of the company, Lic. Ricardo Salvador Flores, signed the Memorandum of Understanding and contract on behalf of LaGeo, Rosa Escobar and Kevin Padilla geothermal specialists at LaGeo, as well as a media representative. Lúdvík S. Georgsson Director of the Geothermal School signed the agreements on behalf of the school and María Erla Marelsdóttir Ambassador on behalf of the Ministry. Rosa and Kevin have both studied at the Geothermal School in Iceland. Kevin has managed this project on behalf of LaGeo, but on behalf of the Geothermal School, Ingimar G. Haraldsson, deputy director has managed the project.

Geothermal energy is very important for El Salvador. In 2016, 24% of the electricity produced came from the two geothermal power plants, Ahuachapan and Berlin, which have a production capacity of 204 MWe.

The importance of increased utilization of renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly important in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Iceland’s assistance in the development of renewable energy, in the production of electricity or in the heating of buildings by geothermal energy, assists the countries in question economically, socially and not least in the field of environmental and climate issues with less use of fossil fuels. With projects like this, Iceland can help other countries to make use of renewable energy and thereby reduce the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions that benefit all countries regardless of the boundaries of global warming.

Source: Orkustofnun