Nevis project decision disputed by West Indies Power

Nevis government officials,WIP- CEO and CCC - Project Coordinator at geothermal site at Nevis, Caribbean (source: WIP)
Alexander Richter 7 Jul 2014

West Indies Power Nevis disputes statements by the Nevis Deputy Prime Minister and its administration that the geothermal license has been effectively cancelled and still holds up that it continues to be valid.

In a statement following news last week, as reported here on ThinkGeoEnergy, West Indies Power through its CEO Kerry McDonald made this statement:

“The Court of Appeals has not issued an order terminating the West Indies Power Nevis (WIPN) geothermal development license, granted by the Nevis island Administration (NIA).

The WIPN geothermal license is valid, in full force and effect and any attempt, by the NIA, to negotiate a contract with a third party, is illegal.

The recent declarations by Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brantley and the NIA, stating that there is a court order terminating WIPN ?s license which allows the NIA to negotiate a new Geothermal Development License with a third party, are incorrect and misleading.”

There seems to be no end to this story and one can only hope that the project will be moving forward soon in one way or another. Nevis was in a great position to be on the forefront of geothermal development but clearly competing interests of a variety of players has left the project in a difficult situation.

One can only hope that a financially strong player will take over and push the project through to the benefit of Nevis and its population and businesses.

Source: Release by email