Turkey sees continued growth in renewable energy development, incl geothermal

Dora 2 geothermal power plant, Turkey (source: Ormat)
Carlo Cariaga 24 Oct 2019

Even as Turkey has achieved a 30% renewable energy mix, development of more renewable energy facilities is expected to remain very active in the following years

According to Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez, Turkey is on track to build 216 hydropower plants, 180 wind power plants, and 27 geothermal power plants in the coming years.  This will continue Turkey’s impressive stretch of renewable energy development from the last five years.

Since 2014, Turkey has developed 215 hydropower plants, 90 wind power plants, and 46 geothermal power plants. These facilities account for 30% of the country’s 303.3 billion kWh electricity consumption in 2018.

Further breaking down the energy mix, hydropower contributed 19.8%, wind power added 6.6%, and geothermal power rounded it out with 2.5%.

In 2018, the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry created the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan which provides a road map towards generating savings of up to $30.2 billion by investing $10.9 billion into various sectors.

ThinkGeoEnergy research shows a geothermal power generation capacity of around 1,550 MW as of October 2019. The continued growth of Turkey’s geothermal market will be topic at the upcoming 4th IGC Turkey Geothermal Congress and Expo 6-8 November 2019 in Izmir. Details at

Source: Daily Sabah