Women of LaGeo in El Salvador found local chapter of Women in Geothermal, WING

The new chapter of WING in El Salvador with CEL President David Lopez (source: LaGeo)
Alexander Richter 29 Sep 2017

Women in geothermal company LaGeo found a local chapter of the Women in Geothermal initiative (WING) in El Salvador, as announced during a recent short course event.

A recently held Short Course of Geothermal Engineering (SDG Short Course II on Feasibility Studies for Geothermal Projects), served as a framework to announce that geothermal company LaGeo becomes a member of the Women in Geothermal initiative WING; which seeks to help boost the incorporation of women into the geothermal industry, and with the ultimate goal: that one day there is no need to advocate for gender equity.

Architect Rosy Escobar, manager of Engineering of LaGeo, acted as spokesperson and was in charge of making the news official among the attendees. The group WING El Salvador begins its formation with seven of our partners: Elizabeth of Henriquez, María Inés Magaña, Bertha Arenival, Tania Muñoz, Luz Barrios, Claudia Herrera, and Rosy Escobar. Those who have also been supported by architect David López, in this initiative:  “I believe that women are an important pillar in Salvadoran society, and that it is up to playing important roles in their field of work.”

WING, being an international organization was founded in 2013 and to date, maintains presence in 48 countries, a list to which is added El Salvador. All members are working to strengthen the common goal; and whose course is heading to Iceland 2020, which seeks to achieve most of the objectives set for the 2020 World Geothermal Congress, which are: interconnection among member countries, equity in the areas of work, monitoring performance equality and, last but not least, the profile of more women in decision-making positions.

“Physics tells us that there is no greater force than a woman decides to get up, so I suggest that all those who are not yet WING join the movement … and thus ensure a positive change for the industry.”  With these words Andrea Bleir, Director of WING International, extended a warm greeting to WING El Salvador and congratulated for the country’s incursion into that organization.

In our country, the WING group has contemplated promoting the technical and professional development of women, betting on the continuous training and thus to be able to opt for more and better positions. In addition, it plans to document and socialize the performance of women in the geothermal field so that their contribution to energy development can be made known; but also highlight the innate abilities and abilities of women.

Mr. Ingimar Haraldsson, deputy director of the UNU-GTP, was pleased with El Salvador’s incursion into the WING group and motivated to continue with the objectives outlined.

Source: company note by email