BGI plans to build a new 49MW plant in the Philippines

BGI plans to build a new 49MW plant in the Philippines Higantangan Island, Biliran, Philippines (source: flickr/ Bulaclac Paruparu, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 12 May 2014

Currently in drilling operations, BILIRAN Geothermal Inc. expects that the plant could be operational in 2016.

A new geothermal plant is currently planned in the Philippines with an expected output of 49MW. According to the news source, the “Data from the Energy department showed that the Biliran geothermal concession — which was awarded to BGI in July 2008 — covers an area of 260 square kilometers in barangays Cabibihan and Villa Vicenta in the municipality of Caibiran.”

At the moment, the commercial viability of the proposed plant has not bet yet assessed since the operations are still in the drilling phase.Once the drilling phase is completed, the results will be announced by BGI. According to Mario C. Marasigan, director of the department’s Renewable Energy Management Bureau, “They are looking at 2016 for the operations of the plant provided that they can declare commerciality by June,” noting that construction is targeted to start by July.


Source: Business World Online Website