4.4 MW Wabuska geothermal power plant in Nevada started operation

Wabuska geothermal plant, Nevada (source: Open Mountain Energy)
Alexander Richter 7 Mar 2018

A new 4.4 MW geothermal power plant has started operation in Wabuska, Nevada. Developed by Open Mountain Energy, the plant was built by Chinese supplier Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Co.

As reported from China, the 4.4 MW Wabuska geothermal power plant has started operation. This is reported by Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Co., provider of air compressors, that announced the company has successively connected two geothermal power plants ot the grid recently.

The company recently received on-site reports on the progress of both projects, namely, the Wabuska geothermal power plant in Nevada, the U.S., and the Turawell geothermal power station in Hungary. Both projects have started operations and generate power in good condition, said the Quzhou-based manufacturer in a statement today.

Both units in Wabuska geothermal power station project have been operating steadily for nearly two weeks, generating a total of 4.4 MW power, it added. Following a three-month trial period, the power generation capacity can be increased by about 20 percent.

With its technology, Kaishan sees that it bring a new development model to the global geothermal industry with small units that are faster to build and install.

The Wabuska geothermal project was acquired by Open Mountain Energy in April 2017.

More information on the Wabuska geothermal project can be found here and explore a timelapse video of the construction here.

Source: YICai Global