40th Session of the UNU Geothermal Training Program opened in Iceland

Opening of the 40th session of the UNU-Geothermal Training Program (source: UNUGTP)(
Alexander Richter 19 Apr 2018

The 40th Session of the UNU-Geothermal Training Program has been opened in Iceland. This year there are 24 participants from 14 countries, from South and Central America, Africa, Indonesia, China and the Caribbean.

The 40th session of the United Nations University Geothermal Training Program (UNU-GTP) has been officially opened on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

The Director, Lúdvik S. Georgsson, lead the opening ceremony and gave a speech about the work and history of the United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme and welcomed the new group of Fellows.  The speech is accessible here.  Dr. Guðni A. Jóhannsson, the Director general of Orkustofnun, welcomed the Fellows on behalf of the host institution Orkustofnun (the National Energy Authority of Iceland).

This year 24 UNU Fellows from 14 countries participate in the six month specialised courses.  The Fellows come from Bolivia 1, China 2, Djibouti 1, Ecuador 1, El Salvador 1, Ethiopia 2, Indonesia 3, Kenya 5, Nevis 1, Philippines 1, St. Lucia 1, Tanzania 2, and Zambia 1.  This is the first time St. Lucia participates in the Six Month Programme.

At the end of the  program in October, the fellows that have gone through the UNU-GTP training will have reached 694, a significant number of geothermal specialists trained in Iceland.

Source: UNUGTP