45 MW, 134 tonnes geothermal turbine of Fuji Electric arriving for Theistareykir project, Iceland

45 MW, 134 tonnes geothermal turbine of Fuji Electric arriving for Theistareykir project, Iceland Fuji Electric turbine unloaded at Húsavík harbour, Iceland (source: Landsvirkjun)
Alexander Richter 17 Dec 2016

The turbine, generator and other equipment for the first 45 MW unit of the Theistareykir geothermal power project by Landsvirkjun in Iceland has arrived on site in one of the heaviest road transports in the country ever.

Reported yesterday by Iceland’s National Power Company Landsvirkjun, the 45 MW geothermal for the first phase development of the Theistareykir geothermal project near Húsavík in the Northeast of the country has arrived on site.

This was the heaviest wagon train that has been see on a country road in Iceland going from the sea harbor at Húsavík to the Theistareykir site up in the mountains. The wagon train included the turbine and the generator being transported to the site. The total weight of the combination with aid towing cars was about 220 tons, the previous record, 196 tons, was placed in transport power transformers for a hydro power project in the country.

Turbine and generator was unloaded in the harbor of Húsavík, having come to Iceland from Japan with the transport ship BBC Polonia. The shipping took just over ten weeks. The turbine was transported first to the project site, the generator the following day.

The turbine weighs about 134 tonnes and the generator around 100 tonnes. Other equipment that came with the same ship, including spare parts, weighs in about 80 tonnes. Three tow trucks were used to transport the cargo, two trucks pulled and one pushed. The wagon trailer with twelve axles has 96 tires in total. The total weight of the wagon trains with the help of towing cars was about 220 tons and each cargo itself around 197 tonnes.

Last month a condenser for the project arrived and was transported to the project site. Now all heavier equipment for Unit 1 of the Theistareykir geothermal power plant has arrived on site and work on the installation for the turbine will start in the new year. The turbine and generator has been supplied by Fuji Electric of Japan, while German Balcke-Dürr supplied the cold end, including the condenser.

Further heavy equipment shipments are planned to arrive in coming months, including hardware for Unit 2, as well as voltage and equipment for the Cooling Tower 2. It is intended that these vessels will in the first and second quarter of 2017.

Source: Landsvirkjun