A Census of Australian geothermal projects and research – AGA

Panax Geothermal's Salamander-1 well at Penola, Australia (source: Panax)
Carlo Cariaga 10 Apr 2019

An updated Census of Australian geothermal projects was released by the AGA to more accurately highlight the positive impact of geothermal energy in the country.

A Census of the geothermal projects in Australia was conducted by the Australian Geothermal Association (AGA) to highlight the relevance and the positive impacts of this particular renewable energy industry. The projects are classified as either direct-use applications (eg. pool heating in Perth, Barramundi farms in Victoria), hot springs and spa, ground source heat pump projects at the residential and commercial scale, and electricity generation (eg. Birsdville and Winton Qld).

The AGA is hoping that the Census can be used as a database to calculate the Life Cycle Cost of Energy of geothermal applications, so that they can be easily compared to other alternative energy sources in Australia.

The Census provides a much-needed up date to the work previously done by Geoscience Australia in 2016. The full details of the Census can be accessed via the AGA website or through this link.

Source: Australian Geothermal Association