A new push for geothermal development in the South Pacific?

Savo Island, Solomon Islands (source: flickr/ Friar's Balsam, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 6 Nov 2017

With a new Geothermal Advisor, the South Pacific Community is seeking to advance geothermal energy across the South Pacific, aiming to realise economic development, energy security and anthropogenic climate change mitigation for Pacific Island countries.

The South Pacific islands have great potential to tap into geothermal energy for power generation and helping the island states to get rid of the expensive mostly fossil-fueled power generation of today.

In efforts to advance geothermal energy development across the South Pacific, a Geothermal Advisor at the South Pacific Communities has been appointed. In a post on LinkedIn, Bradley Ilg, is bringing attention to potential investors interested in South Pacific Island geothermal energy prospecting, exploration, development, power production and distribution.

As newly appointed Geothermal Advisor at South Pacific Communities (made possible by Volunteer Services Abroad and SPC) he will be working with member Pacific Island countries to advance Geothermal energy across the South Pacific. The programme aims to realise economic development, energy security and anthropogenic climate change mitigation for Pacific Island countries.

You can contact him via for further information. Please indicate if you are considering substantial investment and would like to speak to SPC management.

“Potential investors” refers to academics, entrepreneurs, institutes, consultancies, NGOs, industry, financial institutions, etc.

The above list shows the key countries for potential geothermal development, some of them actually already have done some work. Countries of predominant interest are: Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga, Northern Marianas Islands, Fiji, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia.

As part of SPC’s efforts it is expected to compile GIS “Indicative Maps” and various databases for countries of substantial prospectivity. The Indicative map will comprise any number of below ground and above ground geospatial attributes.

  • Academics-if you like you may alert us to relevant publications or work. Seek coordination with relevant country or agency. We will add references to your work on the Indicative Map.
  • Consultancies-if you like you may alert us to any relevant public good data you hold or offer pro bono services if that conforms with your business model.
  • NGOs-Please get in touch if our work fulfills your mandates. We may formally apply for funding if we agree the work is relevant to your aims.
  • Energy Companies-Confidentially recommend areas of interest via secure communication to SPC management.
  • Financial Investors-Please contact use to discuss the programme.

Geothermal energy has the power to bring economic development, energy security, local poverty alleviation, climate change mitigation to Pacific Island countries. Join SPC and the wider South Pacific Community.

Source: Bradley Ilg via LinkedIn