A sign of hope and perseverance – Italian colours shown at Larderello geothermal plant

The colours of the Italian flag illuminating the cooling towers at the Larderello geothermal plant (source: Enel)
Alexander Richter 5 Apr 2020

Italy is fighting the covid-19 health emergency and institutions are portraying their support by showing the Italian colours. So also Enel Green Power that is illuminating the colours of the Italian flag onto the cooling towers of the geothermal power plant of Larderello in Tuscany.

The colours of Italy are projected on the cooling towers of the geothermal power plant of Larderello and Castelnuovo Val di Cecina and will remain to show every night for the entire period of the health emergency linked to covid-19.

As done similarily for many other buildings in the world and Italian institutional offices, the Enel Group too, projecting the three colour of the Italian flag systems produced by an essential good such as electricity (in recent days the Enel ‘Ettore plant has already been illuminated in the same way Majorana ‘of Termini Imerese in Sicily), wants to emphasize the spirit of cohesion with which the whole nation is fighting against Coronavirus.

In this emergency, Enel has already implemented numerous initiatives to guarantee the safety of its employees. In addition, Enel Cuore, the Group’s non-profit organization, has donated EUR 23 million in Italy to support the main entities engaged in health and social care, both for projects already identified and for others currently being developed which will be defined in a short time. thanks to dialogue and continuous coordination with Civil Protection, national and regional institutions at the forefront against the spread of the virus.

The cooling towers of the geothermal power plants, however, have already been the protagonists of “artistic illuminations” in the past, the most recent in 2017 the fire red Castelnuovo Val di Cecina towers, symbolizing the magma that in the “warm heart” of the Tuscany heats up the steam, and in 2018, on the occasion of the 200 years of the start of the geothermal industry which in 1818 saw its start with the activity for chemical uses, the towers of Larderello “imprinted” with the constellations, to ideally connect in the sign of energy, the sky and the stars with the earth’s surface and with the depths of the subsoil.