Aboitiz Power waiting for approval of exploration permit for Mt. Apo

Mount Apo, Philippines (source: flickr/ Ed-meister, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 14 Jan 2016

Aboitiz Power is waiting for the approval of its exploration permit for the Mt. Apo geothermal project, which is considered feasible if more than 50 MW steam output can be confirmed.

We reported last week that Aboitiz Power is preparing the start of exploration for the geothermal projects at Mt. Apo and Mt. Sibulan. In a news piece earlier this week, details emerge.

Aboitiz Power has received support from indigenous people communities and local government units, but is still waiting for the approval of their exploration permit for the Mt. Apo project from the Department of Energy of the Philippines.

Under the company’s geothermal energy service contracts, the exploration permit covering the Mt. Talomo-Tico contract covers 8,586 hectares and the Mt. Sibulan-Kapatagan area 8,910 hectares.

The first phase of the work program includes surface exploration of potential source of geothermal power and introduction of the project to respective local government units and other stakeholders and indigenous peoples.

“If exploration results will show that the area has a potential of 50 megawatts or more geothermal energy then we will proceed with the project,” Orig said adding that less than 50-MW capacity will mean non-viability of the project.

Exploratory activities will determine the existence, adequacy, and suitability of geothermal resource, but will not be as intrusive as mining. According to Aboitiz Power CEO Erramon I. Aboitiz, “the company will not excavate the land in their contract areas or produce any tailings. We will just harvest steam under the earth to produce electricity.”

Source: SunStar