AltaRock Energy as one of the 50 most innovative renewable energy companies

Susan Petty and AltaRock team members on site at Newberry, September 2012 (source: AltaRock)
Alexander Richter 5 Jul 2016

Geothermal technology firm AltaRock Energy has been named one of the 50 Most Innovative Renewable Energy Companies in a new ranking published in the U.S.

It is always nice to see a geothermal company making “top lists” of companies either in the renewable energy space or elsewhere.

So this year in ranking the 50 most innovative new renewable energy companies, Company Energy announced companies that were first and foremost innovative.

To make the list, companies needed “an innovative product, technology, or process to even have been considered for this rundown.  That’s because innovation is what will eventually rid us of our dependence on fossil fuels. And innovation will help more people get affordable energy on this planet.”

So among solar technology companies and many more, Seattle-based AltaRock Energy made the list

Here the short write about AltaRock: “AltaRock sounds like an act at this year’s Coachella Music Festival, but it’s actually a full-service geothermal energy technology and services company. AltaRock uses their crack team and their brilliant innovations to build and operate geothermal power plants. They are especially good at taking under-performing plants and making them efficient.”

AltaRock Energy has been on the forefront of geothermal research with its work on making EGS projects happen through new technology all over the world. The company has developed a new way to stimulate geothermal reservoirs and is currently applying the technology at projects in Nevada and Oregon, U.S.

Source: Company Energy