Amendments aim to facilitate easier establishment of TDIOSBs in Turkiye

Amendments aim to facilitate easier establishment of TDIOSBs in Turkiye Project view of Dikili Agriculture-Based Specialized Greenhouse Organized Industrial Zone (source: Dikili TDIOSB)
Carlo Cariaga 17 Oct 2022

With amendments made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkiye, the establishment of an Agricultural Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (TDIOSB) has been made easier.

Amendments to the regulation on Specialized Organized Industrial Zones Based on Agriculture (TDIOSB) in Turkiye were published in the Official Gazette last week, making it easier to establish TDIOSBs.

Accordingly, a regulation was made by the founding institutions and organizations to deposit the amount required to be paid for each representative to be represented in the enterprising committee according to the participation rate, not at the application stage, but at the approval stage of the established protocol.

The number of investors for which undertakings are requested in plant production activity applications has been increased from 15 to 30. The size of the parcel to be allocated for each greenhouse business in crop production has been reduced from 25 decares to 10 decares.

A provision has been added that the production subject determined during the establishment phase can be changed with the approval of the Ministry in order to ensure the continuity of the project if needed.

In the restrictive provision that the TDIOSB general layout plan should be prepared “after the registration of the entire TDIOSB area in the name of a legal entity”, an arrangement was made so that the process could not be prolonged. The provision was arranged as “In the TDIOSB area whose location has been finalized” so that the transactions can be started after the acquisition of a legal entity.

A provision has been added regarding which issues will be taken into account while preparing the TDIOSB general layout plan. In order not to interrupt the project implementations, an arrangement was made for the zoning implementation to be carried out in stages if needed.

In Turkey, with the Agricultural Specialized Organized Industrial Zones (TDIOSB), important steps are being taken to ensure agricultural development and food supply security in order to implement “urban agriculture”. While TDIOSBs, where individual powers turn into regional powers, are shown as the best examples of clustering activities, they make a significant contribution to increasing the competitiveness of the agricultural sector. Sustainable, reliable and high-value-added products can be made in economically sized enterprises that can apply new technologies in these regions, where the infrastructure is provided.

34 of TDIOSBs gained legal status

TDIOSBs have become legal entities; 14 of them are in plant production and 20 of them are in Animal Production. While 6 of the TDIOSBs in the field of plant production are in the position of geothermal greenhouse projects, the foundation of Europe’s largest geothermal heated agriculture-based specialized (SERA) organized industrial zone was laid in Dikili, ?zmir.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has provided 600 million TL (approx. USD 32.2 million) of infrastructure loan support at current prices to TDIOSBs that have been in the investment program so far. More than 5ooo jebs were provided in 1000 production parcels that became operational in TDIOSBs whose infrastructure constructions were completed. With the activation of all production plots, the total employment of 50,000 people is foreseen.

Source: TC Tarim Ve Orman Bakanligi via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler