Approval for geothermal project in Eckbolsheim, Alsace

Approval for geothermal project in Eckbolsheim, Alsace Eckbolsheim, Alsace/ France (source:
Alexander Richter 18 Oct 2015

Fonroche receives green light for its geothermal project in Eckboksheim, Alsace, a small town west of Strasbourg, France.

With a series of news on local opposition to geothermal development, there are now some good news. The prefect of the Bas-Rhin, France has given its approval to a proposed high-temperature geothermal energy  project in Eckbolsheim, a town of 6,600 inhabitants west of Strasbourg, France.

The prefecture has thereby accepted the project after a public inquiry period, despite local opposition. The Prefect argued that the authorization granted to the Fonroche company is subject to “technical obligations such as to control the risks associated with this activity.” This is, inter alia, “to prevent the risk of micro-seismicity, limit and continuously monitor the fluid injection pressure”.

Source: 20 minutes