Argentinian state of Neuquen extends geothermal tender to March 6, 2013

Domuyo volcano, Neuquen province, Argentina (source: Flickr/ pablodf, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 28 Jan 2013

The local Investment and Development Company of the state of Neuquén in Argentina has announced an extension of the deadline in a sales tender for a geothermal exploration license to March 6, 2013.

Reported previously here, the state of Neuquen in Argentina has an active tender for a geothermal project. The tender has now been extended until March 6, 2013 as reported by the Agency for Investment Promotion and Development Company of the state of Neuquen.

The exploration contract winner is entitled to exercise, in the terms and conditions set forth in this specification, the exploitation of mineral option you have discovered, for a period of up (25) twenty-five years, and to sign a contract with the Agency for granting exploitation of mines to build and operate one or more geothermal electricity generation and market the same in the wholesale electricity market in Argentina.

For details see link below. (all in Spanish)