Australian project to tap geothermal heat for planned aquatic centre

Australian project to tap geothermal heat for planned aquatic centre Planned Gippsland Aquatic Center, Labrobe, Victoria, Australia (source: Peddle Thorp Architects)
Alexander Richter 16 Dec 2019

Drilling of a reinjection well has started for a geothermal project to heat an aquatic center in the Gippsland region of Southeastern Australia.

As reported locally, a geothermal project is kicking off with additional drilling in Gippsland, a region in southeastern Australia, near Melbourne.

Drilling has started for a 620 meter planned re-injection well of a new regional aquatic centre. Deriving the 65 degrees Celsius water, from a production well, the new well will be used to pump down the now 40 degree Celsius hot water back into the ground.

The AU$ 57 million project (US$ 40m) will be the building the first geothermal-energy heated public swimming pool in the State of Victoria.

With the geothermal pool, the local city council aims to decrease the gas bills and save AU$370,000 on ongoing operating costs, while reducing 730 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The next step of the project is to interconnect the wells with the heat exchange system of the p00l.

There are 12 similar operating systems in Western Australia.

“The entire process advances from our natural brown coal layer underground that heats the water located in the aquifer, creating the ability to heat the pools and air inside the facility,” so Latrobe City mayor Dan Clancey.

Source: Latrobe Valley Express