Bakire Power to continue geothermal development at Sokoria and Telega Ngebel

Drilling rig on site of Sokoria geothermal project, Indonesia (source: KS Orka)
Alexander Richter 22 Oct 2020

PT Bakrie Power has reported its committment on the development of the Sokoria and Ngebel Telaga geothermal power projects in Indonesia.

PT Bakrie Power ensures that it will continue to focus on developing New and Renewable Energy (EBT) power plants including managing the existing assets of the Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP).

Bakrie Power President Director Dody Taufiq Wijaya explained that currently his party has two focuses on the development of PLTP, namely PLTP Sokoria and PLTP Telaga Ngebel. “The Sokoria (minority) PLTP is in the development stage and Ngebel Lake is in the exploration stage,” Dody told this week.

Dody revealed that the Sokoria PLTP has a capacity of 6x 5 MW. Meanwhile, the Ngebel Telaga PLTP, which is currently in the exploration stage, is planned to have a capacity of 3x 55 MW.

However, Dody confirmed that there are no plans to increase investment in other PLTPs. Bakrie Power currently chooses to remain focused on Solar Power Plants (PLTS) and Bayu Power Plants (PLTB).

On the other hand, the government in the Geothermal Cluster Work Creation Law Article 42 paragraph 2 states that in the event that the Central Government conducts Exploration to determine the Work Area as referred to in Article 17 paragraph (1), prior to carrying out Exploration, the Minister shall settle land use with the above land users. state land or holders of business rights or licenses in the forestry sector in accordance with statutory provisions.

Previously, in Article 42 paragraph 2 of Law Number 21 of 2014 concerning Geothermal Energy, it was stated that in the event that the Minister undertakes an Exploration to determine a Work Area as referred to in Article 17 paragraph (1), before carrying out the Exploration, the Minister considers the settlement of land use with land users in on state land or holders of rights or permits in the forestry sector in accordance with statutory provisions.

According to Dody, the transition to the Central Government will not be a problem as long as there are no overlapping policies and it can facilitate business licensing for geothermal developers.

A similar response was given by Dody regarding the government’s plan to implement the Cost Reimbursement scheme, which is planned to be contained in the EBT Presidential Regulation.