Baturraden geothermal project adapts locations for new drilling campaign

Baturraden geothermal project adapts locations for new drilling campaign Drilling rig on site of Baturaden project, Central Java (source: PT SAE)
Alexander Richter 18 Feb 2021

PT SAE is shifting its drilling location to the north of Mount Slamet following the initial drilling campaign did not produced the sought after results.

The exploration of the Baturraden Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) on Mount Slamet has shifted to the north, covering Brebes and Tegal Regencies, as reported locally. The project shifted its emphasis after the two wells drilled by PT Sejahtera Alam Energy (SAE), namely wellpads F and H, had not produced the desired energy output.

PT SAE’s Geothermal Technical Head, Albaren Simbolon, said that well F could be said to have failed because the drilling did not reach the specified depth. Meanwhile, wellpad H, up to the determined point, produces geothermal energy, but it is still being evaluated because it still requires other technological devices to be utilized.

“We see that the situation is also uneconomical for us. Finally, we continue our plan to the north, with a predetermined geological study, “said Albaren.

Therefore, the wellpad H is under maintenance status . Meanwhile, well F was completely closed.

“Our next plan is the fourth well. There have been three, only one has been successful. Only one who was successful was H. Yang F, we didn’t arrive Sir. Because of the soil culture situation in F right, “he said.

Currently, he said, his party has finished preparing the Utiliti wellpad in the Brebes area. However, drilling has not yet taken place due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The team also conducted a survey to other potential points in the Tegal area.

It is known that the Gunung Slamet PLTP or also known as the Baturraden PLTP is targeted to generate 220 MW of electricity and is a strategic national electricity project for Java-Madura-Bali. It is estimated that the operational target in 2022 will not be achieved due to various obstacles, one of which is the Covid-19 pandemic.

Albaren said that well drilling would not be carried out in the near future. However, he confirmed that the exploration permit had been extended. He also claimed that his party had conducted evaluation meetings with the Regional Government, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, KLHK and Perum Perhutani.

Source: Gatra