Beowawe geothermal plant in Nevada, REW geothermal project of the year

Beowawe bottoming cycle unit by TAS Energy (source: TAS Energy)
Alexander Richter 20 Feb 2012

The first commercial bottoming cycle addition to a flash plant at the Terra-Gen Power's Beowawe plant in Nevada has been named Geothermal Project of the Year by Renewable Energy World. The unit was built by TAS Energy.

The Renewable Energy World’s annual awards named the Beowawe geothermal plant in Nevada as the “Geothermal project of the year”.

The plant saw an addition of 2.5 MW to the existing plant of 16.7 MW that went online in 1985 with the support of a loan by the Department of Energy.

This demonstration project is the first commercial use of a low temperature bottoming cycle at a geothermal flash power plant in the United States, utilizing a temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit (96 centigrades).

“It uses new binary expanders that allow the use of lower resource temperatures for geothermal and waste heat applications.  An axial turbine focused mainly on geothermal and waste heat applications using R134a and R245fa and as the primary working fluid, covers gross power output from 500 kW – 5.0 MW output with temperatures from 200 – 500°F (97 – 260°C).”

The plant is run by Terra-Gen Power with turbine technology by TAS Energy.

Below is an interview with Halley Dickey of TAS Energy on the plant (Renewable Energy World)

Source: Renewable Energy World