BLM is holding a geothermal lease sale for various parcels in Nevada

Unionvzlle, Pershing County, Nevada (Source, Flickr, Ken Lund, Creative commons)
Alexander Richter 11 Oct 2018

The Bureau of Land Management in Nevada is holding a geothermal lease sale for 11 parcels, via an online bidding process.

In accordance with the Geothermal Steam Act, and the BLM regulations at 43 CFR 3200, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is offering 11 parcels for internet-based competitive sale of certain Federal lands containing 27,331.38 acres in the State of Nevada for geothermal leasing. The following is an excerpt of the official sales notice, the link to the original file can be found below.

A list of available parcels that includes the parcel numbers, legal land descriptions and corresponding stipulations, if applicable, can be found here (pdf).

We have included any stipulations, lease notices, special conditions, or restrictions that will be made a part of the lease at the time we issue it. We have also identified those parcels where the United States owns less than 100 percent interest in the geothermal mineral rights. For your convenience, we are including a copy of the bid form.

When and where will the sale take place?


The sale date is Tuesday, October 23, 2018. The open bidding period will begin at 10:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT) (or 8:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Each parcel will have its own unique open bidding period, with start and stop times clearly identified on the auction website. The open bidding period for each parcel will run for one hour from start to finish, and bids will only be accepted during a parcel’s open bidding period.


The sale is held online at Click the Government Lease Sales icon to view this online lease sale. Parcels may be viewed online at the EnergyNet website approximately 10 business days after the posting of this sale notice on the BLM website.


The auction website is open to the public. The internet-based lease sale can be observed in real-time. However, you must register as a bidder on the website, in advance, in order to submit bids for a parcel. The auction website will be active and available for use approximately 10 days after the date of this Notice of Competitive Geothermal Internet-Based Lease Sale and will remain available for viewing until the completion of the auction.

The available parcels listed will be detailed on the website, and the information displayed on the website during the offering period represents the authoritative record. Interested parties may visit the website at any time. Potential bidders may register for the online auction as soon as the auction website is active and are encouraged to do so early.

Bidders must be registered for the online lease sale before the bidding commences. Further, potential bidders are encouraged to visit the website prior to the start of the open bidding period to become familiar with the site and review the bidding tutorial. Supporting documentation is available on the website to familiarize new users to the process and answer frequently asked questions.

How will the sale be conducted?

The sale will be conducted by online bidding only. The online auction design will be a sequential ascending clock, fixed period, English auction. Each parcel will have its own unique open bidding period, with start and stop times clearly identified on the auction website. The open bidding period for each parcel will run for one hour, from start to finish. Bids will only be accepted for each parcel during its open bidding period and each parcel will close bidding sequentially so that each bidder will know if they are the highest winning bidder on a parcel before subsequent parcels close for bidding.

The website will display each current high bid, and the high bid bidder’s number. The winning bid is the highest bid per acre received, equal to or exceeding the minimum acceptable bid, which is on record in the online auction system by the close of the auction period. The online system provides for two types of bids: a flat bid per acre, or a maximum bid, also per acre. The system allows participants to submit either type of bid, or both. Maximum bids allow a bidder to participate in the online auction without having to be logged into the website at the time the auction period closes. The auction website provides a full explanation of placing maximum bids, as well as an explanation of how they work to place bids on your behalf to maintain your high bidder status up to the chosen maximum bid amount. The BLM strongly encourages potential bidders to review the bidding tutorial on the auction website in advance of the online lease sale.

Further details via the link below.

Source: BLM (pdf)