Borealis GeoPower secures additional geothermal permit at Valemount, BC

Borealis GeoPower secures additional geothermal permit at Valemount, BC Surface exploration work for the geothermal site near Valemount, BC (source: Borealis GeoPower)
Alexander Richter 29 Nov 2017

Development company Borealis GeoPower secures additional permit for its geothermal project to bring heat to the local community of Valemount in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

In a release this week, Canadian geothermal development company Borealis GeoPower Inc. announces that the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources in the Province of British Columbia, Canada has been authorized to enter into an agreement to issue an additional geothermal permit to Borealis under the Geothermal Resources Act. This permit is adjacent, and in addition, to a permit granted to Borealis in 2010. Borealis confirms that as of today it has satisfied all conditions of the agreement and extends thanks to the BC Government for this opportunity.

This new permit gives Borealis the exclusive right to apply to drill wells for geothermal purposes at a location near the Village of Valemount. These wells will initially energize the “Sustainaville” project, a geothermal micro-electricity and renewable heat development. A commercial sized geothermal power plant will follow.

A strategic partner is now sought to assist with the development and operation of the geothermal field as well as the planned power and heat plants. Ms. Thompson, President and CEO of Borealis, stated, “British Columbia has world class, high temperature geothermal resources and an enviable legal and regulatory framework. We invite interest from global geothermal companies to help usher in a new industry in Canada, a country with a long history in the natural resources sector and a commitment to renewable energy.”

The project is being developed in three phases. The first phase of a three-phase project would be hot springs that the Valemount Geothermal Society wants to develop.

The second phase would be a small power plant that would produce 1 MW of electricity – nearly enough to supply the town of Valemount (population 1,100). The third phase would be a larger, 15 MW power plant.

Source: Company releasePrince George Citizen