Call for tenders for Domuyo project in Neuquen, Argentina

Domuyo volcano, Neuquen province, Argentina (source: Flickr/ pablodf, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 28 Aug 2010

Details on the public call for the Domuyo project in Neuquen province in Argentina, are provided by the local agency in charge of the tender process.

In a recent article on the public call for the Domuyo project in Neuquen Province in Argentina, details about geothermal development and research are provided by the Vie President of ADI-NQN, the Agency for Promotion and Investment of the Province of Neuquen.

“The Domuyo area”, so the article,  “is located 560 km from the capital city of the Province of Neuquén, and 35 km from the district of Varvarco. The average altitude in the area is 2,300 m.a.s.l.

The documentation containing the terms and conditions of the call is on sale at the moment. A non-commercial copy can be browsed on the Agency’s website.

The exploration contract will enable the awarded company to exercise the option, according to the terms and conditions established in the documentation, to exploit the minerals discovered for a period of up to twenty five (25) years, and to execute an exploitation contract with the Agency to build and operate one or more geothermal plants to generate and subsequently commercialize electrical power on the Argentine wholesale electricity market.

The successful bidder for the exploration contract may make a request to the competent government organization to receive the promotional benefits and incentives for exploitation, as foreseen in the national and provincial legislation in force.

Neuquen has an extensive history of oil and gas production, which has promoted the presence of material and service providers, especially those related to well drilling and auxiliary services. This has led to reductions in cost and greater availability of equipment compared to other regions.

There are several reports written on the area. In 1982, field surveys and the compilation and analysis of existing written material on the area carried out by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) concluded that the surface under study could be reduced to a more specific geothermal target of 200 km2 from the original of 15.000km2.

In a second exploratory stage (1982-1983) several topographical surveys were carried out, and temperature measurements were made. Geological models were drawn up, with cross-sections of the heat flow structures, the generation and circulation of the geothermal fluids and the structure of the geothermal reservoir, producing the geological profile of the area.

This led to the third exploratory stage (1983-1984), which focused on electrical and seismic studies as well as the measurement of heat flows in twelve 100-meter-deep wells and the study of isotopes and rock properties.

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Source: Renewable Energy World