CEGA signs cooperation agreement with GTN

CEGA signs cooperation agreement with GTN Caption from GTN's website
Francisco Rojas 6 Sep 2013

The Centro de Excelencia en Geotermia de los Andes, CEGA (Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence in the Andes) has recently signed a cooperation agreement for a two year period with the German company GTN.

The CEGA (Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence in the Andes) recently signed a “cooperation agreement” for two years with the German company GTN Neubrandenburg GmbH. GTN is the beneficiary of SDR PPP project (Public Private Partnership Deutsche Investitions-und Entwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH) called “Using the geothermal potential in Chile for environmentally friendly production of heat.” The objective of this project is to improve the use of geothermal resources in Chile.

The expected results are:

a) Transfer the results of research and technical and economic assessments of possible uses of geothermal energy for heat supply at various sites.

b) Disseminate and build options in the country to continue the process of evaluation and selection of technically and economically viable projects.

Currently, the CEGA is working with the company GTN in the feasibility study for the direct use of geothermal energy in the center-south of the country.

Source: CEGA via Piensa en Geotermia