CFE invites discussions on geothermal investments in Mexico

CFE invites discussions on geothermal investments in Mexico Cathedral of Guadalajara , Mexico (Source: Flickr - CC - by Ari Helminen)
Francisco Rojas 27 Jul 2015

The CFE now calls all investors, both local and foreign to engage in open discussion in order to develop new geothermal projects in Mexico.

The Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) of Mexico, after having received 13 new geothermal areas and 5 concessions is now openly looking for investors both local and foreign to develop said projects.

In an official press released by the CFE , the public entity received a field exploitation concession for Cerritos Colorados, in Jalisco. In addition, the Conagua gave the CFE a geothermal water concession for this same field, with a volume of 4 million 380 thousand cubic meters, the aquifer is Ameca, and for a period of 30 years. This project will have a capacity of 25 MW.

In addition, the CFE was also awarded an extension to the rights to continue exploiting four geothermal fields which currently operate and are located in: Cerro Prieto, Baja California; Los Humeros, Puebla; Los Azufres, Michoacan; and Tres Virgenes, Baja California Sur, which have 874 MW of installed capacity.

SENER also gave the CFE exploration permits in the following geothermal areas: Volcano Chichonal in Chiapas; Acoculco in Puebla; Araró-Simirao, Los Negritos, Lake Cuitzeo and Hervores Ixtlán of Michoacan; La Soledad, San Marcos and Planillas in Jalisco; Cerritos and Calderon-Cucapah in Baja California; El Molote in Nayarit and San Bartolome de Los Baños in Guanajuato.

Those interested in participating in the aforementioned project should get in contact with the Mexican entity.

Source: CFE & El Sol De Puebla