Chile hopes to move geothermal with changes to power procurement

Chile hopes to move geothermal with changes to power procurement View over Santiago, Chile (source: flickr/ patrickcoe, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 27 Oct 2014

Jimena Jara, Under Secretary of Energy for the Chilean government mentioned on a recent event that a bill has been submitted for next year to boost geothermal concession projects and other geothermal applications.

Chile’s Under Secretary of Energy, Jimena Jara said the government will send a bill next year to boost the provision of geothermal projects with a program of geothermal applications, which will be driven by changes to the power procurement system.

The Government led last Friday the opening of the international seminar “Geothermal Energy, Earth Energy: What happens in the background,” organized by the Italian Agency for Foreign Trade and the Chilean Association for Renewable Energies (Pavement), which addressed electricity from geothermal energy generation, distribution of this energy source in the cities and the relationship of such projects with the communities where they are located.

Jara said she will also advance the exploration of suitable areas to develop geothermal projects, since eight concessions are currently operating in the country, noting that the new design for bids for regulated customers “should be an incentive to install geothermal projects operating and access to contracts of sale of energy for a sufficient period to support its funding. ”

The Italian ambassador in Chile, Marco Ricci, said the previous experience of European countries can help the Chilean geothermal, because they developed this type of resource for over 100 years.

Senator Guido Girardi said at the meeting that the government must move towards a new energy policy, which he argued is required to establish consensus among the stakeholders in the energy sector.

Source: Revista Electricidad via Piensa Geotermia