Chile identifies 14 key areas with geothermal potential in Los Lagos region

Chile identifies 14 key areas with geothermal potential in Los Lagos region Exploración Geofísica en Pampa Lirimia, Chile (source: Energía Andina)
Alexander Richter 22 Apr 2015

A recent study by SERNAGEOMIN found that these areas are active in geothermal and can be utilized in a variety of ways.

An unpublished study by the Chilean National Service of Geology and Mining (Sernageomin), identified a total of 14 areas with high geothermal potential in the region of Los Lagos. The finding is of high interest for the development of power generation projects from “very low” to “high” temperature.

Geothermal sources identified in the study titled “Geothermal Resources of the Los Lagos”, can be used for power generation, thermal tourism, cooling, aquaculture, heating, pasteurization, food processing and paper, soil sterilization, greenhouses and drying fruits and vegetables.

SERNAGEOMIN director, Rodrigo Alvarez, explained that type of studies aim to “attract investment to an area in deep need of development in the country, especially considering that geothermal energy is one of the most promising renewable energies aimed at reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Now that the creation of map of Los Lagos was concluded, practitioners have begun conducting maps of the regions of Los Ríos and La Araucanía”.

Alvarez said the study which was presented by the regional quartermaster of Los Lagos “reduced the region of Los Lagos economic uncertainty in the exploration and development risk inherent in this type of resources.”

The ability to promote the use of geothermal heating through is very valuable in the southern region, where one of the main environmental problems have to do with the massive use of wood for this purpose, which causes pollution.

“The study began in Los Lagos because it is an area that needs this kind of resource usage due to high levels of air pollution,” said geologist Emol Felipe Aguilera, member of the unit Energy Resources of SERNAGEOMIN.

Source: El Mercurio de Calama