Chile setting up possibility to apply for geothermal concessions via online platform

Chile setting up possibility to apply for geothermal concessions via online platform Cerro Pabellon geothermal power plant, Chile (source: ThinkGeoEnergy)
Alexander Richter 21 Jan 2021

In order to make permitting more accessible, the Chilean Ministry of Energy is setting up the possibility to apply for geothermal concessions via an online platform.

In a decree the  Ministry of Energy in Chile   has set an amendment to the regulation of Law 19.657, on geothermal energy concessions, which establishes that the request for a geothermal concession can be made through a web platform from May of 2021.

The change to the regulation stipulates that requests for geothermal concessions “must be entered through the web platform of the Ministry of Energy” , which will automatically generate “a certificate that will serve as a means of verifying that the request was received.”

In the event that the platform is not available or that the interested party does not have the necessary means for the digital presentation of the application, “it may be on paper by entering the party office of the Ministry of Energy or the respective Regional Ministerial Secretary .

Modifications to the regulations will take effect 120 days after their publication, so the online reception of applications will start at the end of May.

As indicated in the decree, the objective of the changes is “to make more expeditious and accessible, for all those interested, the presentation and monitoring of the processing of said concession applications.”

In addition, it is noted that the Ministry of Energy “is in the final stage of the implementation of a digital platform for the processing of requests for geothermal energy concessions, which is accessible through the mechanism of” Unique Key ” , implemented for the identification of those interested in carrying out procedures before the State Administration ”.

Source: Mineria Chilena