Chinese investors interested in managing potential geothermal resources in North Sulawesi

Lahendong Unit 2 plant Sulawesi, Indonesia (source:
Carlo Cariaga 21 Mar 2019

Several Chinese investors have expressed an interest to develop and manage the potential geothermal resources in North Sulawesi, according to a provincial official.

The potential geothermal resources in Tohomon City, North Sulawesi, Indonesia have attracted interest from Chinese investors, according to Henry Kaitjily, head of the North Sulawesi Provincial Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service. The North Sulawesi region has 1400 MW of potential geothermal resources, of which only 200 MW have been developed.

In addition to the opportunity to manage and develop the geothermal resources, the North Sulawesi provincial government is offering investors a chance to invest in the development of the energy infrastructure.

“We offer all opportunities that investors can manage. We hope all relevant parties help with the inflow of investments. We will organize the human resources needed to manage the resources.” added Kaitjily.

The provincial government is still seeking confirmation from the potential investors, but is currently preparing instruments to ease the inflow of investment.

Source: Antara News