City of Geneva exploring geothermal for heat and power

City of Geneva exploring geothermal for heat and power Lac Leman at Geneva, Switzerland (source: flickr/ Hotel de la Paix Genève, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 16 Oct 2012

The Swiss city of Geneva is establishing a geothermal program to evaluate the potential of utilizing geothermal energy for heating and power for the city.

The Swiss city of Geneva, home to various international organizations, is exploring its potential for utilizing geothermal energy for heat and power.

As part of the Geothermal 2020 program, the local utility SIG will be evaluating whether geothermal could provide heating and electricity to the city.

A report suggests that there are resources about 4,000 meters below the city, and could generate sufficient energy to justify the expected costs for exploration and development.

The program will be run by the utility company SIG and a first report on cost and suitability of the program is expected to be published in January 2013.

Source: Radio Frontier