Climate change and why geothermal could be a solution for the Caribbean

Dominica, Caribbean (source: flickr/ boshamite, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 29 Jul 2015

Climate change will take a heavier toll on island nations in the Caribbean. The time to change to renewables and geothermal is now!

Climate change and global warming affect us all and unless carbon emissions are reduced consistently, we will see dramatic changes in the coming decades to nations worldwide.

This is particularly relevant for the Caribbean, where rising sea levels can have a disastrous effect both on their territories and economy.

A local news source states that “To solve the problems of global warming and climate change, the world needs a new energy source to replace coal, oil and other carbon-based fuels. OGEF’s mission is to fund the R&D needed to tap into the earth’s vast geothermal energy resource” says the President of the Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation Jim Shnell.

Energy and Power are in high demand in these regions, fuelled by economic growth. This often translates into more fossil fuel being burnt to generate electricity and contributing to the problem instead of fixing it.

By developing local renewable energy sources, such as Dominica is doing with geothermal, both the need for energy and cutting carbon emissions are met. Many of these island nations have significant renewable potential still untapped.

Source: Caribbean Life News