Community in central Alberta, Canada plans exploring its geothermal potential

Community in central Alberta, Canada plans exploring its geothermal potential Aerial View of the city of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada (Source: Wikipedia Commons, CC, By: Qyd)
Alexander Richter 21 Feb 2020

Two municipalities in the Province of Alberta, Canada are seeking funding to explore the potential for geothermal development.

Local news from Alberta in Canada, report that Whitecourt and Fort Assiniboine, two communities in Central Alberta, Northwest of Edmonton have plans to explore if they have geothermal potential.

In order to establish if there is potential, the Town of Whitecourt is planning to apply for a grant under the Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) to fund a geothermal feasibility study.

In 2017, a study was commissioned by the Northern Alberta Development Council that established both communities  had strong geothermal energy potential.

This follows increased interest in geothermal development, ongoing projects in Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta.

There is another example of the Municipal District of Greenview, County of Grande Prairie and the City of Grande Prairie, with plans to utilise geothermal energy as part of the development of an eco-industrial park with a 3 to 5 MW geothermal plant.

Potential sites for development in Whitecourt/ Woodlands County have been identified, including abandoned oil wells that might have suitable water for geothermal application for heat and even power generation.

An original study by Terrapin Geothermics identified a 10-kilometre radius around and including the Town of Whitecourt and the Hamlet of Fort Assiniboine. There were even indications of water as hot as 200 to 250 degrees Celsius, more than enough for power generation.

Source: Town & Country Today