Consortia sponsors position of Ass. Professor Geothermal Science & Engineering, TU Delft, Netherlands

Consortia sponsors position of Ass. Professor Geothermal Science & Engineering, TU Delft, Netherlands Group of Stichting DAP consortium at TU Delft, 29 Nov. 2018 (source: TU Delft)
Alexander Richter 17 Dec 2018

A consortium of seven partners, managed by Stichting DAP, has announced that it will sponsor the position of Assistant/ Associate Professor in Geothermal Science & Engineering, a five-year tenure position at the TU Delft in the Netherlands.

During the Geothermal Get-Together on 29 November 2018, it was announced that research on Geothermal Science and Engineering at TU Delft got another boost. A consortium of seven partners signed a certificate for sponsoring an Assistant/Associate Professor. The sponsorship is managed by Stichting DAP and the partners finance a 5-year tenure track position at assistant or associate professor level; after this time the university will take over the funding.


Dr. Phil Vardon thanked the sponsors stressing the importance of their support “This support in combination with the significant funding we have received from NWO to realise a geothermal well, possibly on our own campus, puts us in a strong position for long-term research. This will give a boost to the team and help in carrying out the research programme related to geothermal energy. We looking forward to an exciting and productive period in the coming years.”

The event also included the ceremony of the first Award for the best MSc thesis on a geothermal topic. This Award is made possible by the generous donation of funds from university alumni, through Koninklijk Nederlands Geologisch Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap and the University Fund Delft (UfD) and comprises EUR 1,500. This years’ award was split in two awarded to:

  • Sanni Shetty for a thesis entitled ‘Numerical strategy for uncertainty quantification in low enthalpy geothermal projects’
  • Twan Goense for a thesis entitled ‘Physical characterization of the Lower Carboniferous limestone as a potential geothermal reservoir’.

Prof. David Bruhn, chairman of the selection committee, presented the award and congratulated all nominees for their excellent work.

Source: TU Delft